Our Goal

We’re building Humainly as a non-profit social business. That means we want to create meaningful impact, and believe that’s best achieved by aligning social needs with economical driving forces. No handouts, no gifts. We all have to earn it. But people deserve opportunities, and that’s what we do. We connect the need for image annotation in the west with the need for quality, fairly paying jobs in poor areas of the world. And the only way to do it successfully, is by providing our customers with the absolute best service they can possibly find.


We’re part of the original founding members behind the Computer Vision consulting firm WebMonks. Our aim was to create social impact in this world for people in poverty stricken areas of the world. We decided we wanted to create fair jobs for people in Venezuela. So what better way to do that than through digital jobs that serve the same market for the same technology we know so well?


“Increase people’s agency through fair jobs”

Our core value is ensuring equal opportunity for everyone to develop themselves. A lot of people live under circumstances where they have very little control over their own lives due to economic hardship. We aim to increase their agency by providing them quality jobs with fair pay that take away the limitations that limit them.


“Build and grow a professional, ethical and low-cost image annotation service.”

We provide low-cost image annotation as an online service to companies that need data to train Visual AI.

Luis Arenas
Project & Account Manager