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More of your money is spent on Quality Control because of our unique Non-Profit mission.

Why you should choose us


You help us create work that keeps unemployed Nigerians off the streets and into training programs.


As a non-profit we’ve partnered with multi-million dollar software solutions to guarantee you the highest quality possible.


The only way to reliably help both you and Nigerian youngsters, is by making sure we solve your needs better than our competition does.

Our Approach


Delivering quality is about adding redundancy while maximizing profit is about reducing it. As a non-profit, we can therefore offer you the best quality that your money can buy.


Working with us creates impact in two ways:

  1. It provides local NGO’s with the means to offer training for free.
  2. It provides fair income to trainees so they don’t have to live on the street.


Our most flexible offer allows you to pay as you go, without up-front commitments, for as little as 7€ per hour.

Custom pricing is possible after testing our service for free.