Get paid to label images from your home

Become a Humainly Worker


Humainly helps clients build training data for Visual Artificial Intelligence that automatically recognizes images. That means we receive a lot of images from them, and then we have to manually add labels to those images. That means we create a lot of jobs for people who want to help us do that manual labelling work. This job allows you to earn an honest wage, wherever and whenever you want to.

Task Examples

  • Adding a simple label to an image e.g. is this image a cat or a dog?
  • Drawing tight bounding boxes around objects e.g. mark all vehicles seen by a dashboard camera
  • Neatly delineating object contours e.g. drawing lines precisely over the edges of furniture


  • You need access to a desktop / laptop with an internet connection
  • You need to be older than 18 years.
  • You need to have attention for detail (accuracy of the labels is far more important than speed!)
  • You need to enjoy this type of work :)


You can easily earn 50 PHP per hour (more if you work faster). We compute how many images you should be able to process per hour and convert that to a reward per image. Many people are able to do it faster than that, so they can in fact earn a lot more than 50 PHP per hour. You get paid every 2 weeks via transfer for the work you've done.

Application Process

  1. Follow the ‘Apply Now’ button to go to an application form and fill in all the details
  2. After filling in your basic info, you'll be asked to perform a small image labelling challenge.
  3. People who perform well on the challenge get invited to start training for a real project
  4. For each project, there is a training phase for you to understand the task. Don’t worry, we’ll do our best to help you!
  5. Once the project starts, you get paid every 2 weeks for the work you perform!